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Maccaferri now has production plants in Russia that use 100% local raw materials


Our two plants in Kurgan and Zaraysk work to ISO 9001 quality management standards with technology and equipment brought in from Italy but operated in Russia

Maccaferri began operating in Russia in 1994 and then started localizing our production facilities in 2001. That was when our first plant in Dmitrov was opened. Today, we are producing gabion and mesh products, as well as geosynthetic materials at two modern plants using 100% Russian raw materials. Our materials are supplied all over Russia and the CIS.

Today, the Maccaferri Russian division offers full technical support for projects, from material design and production to designer and installation supervision. The situation used to be very different back in 1994, when the gabions and Reno matresses supplied by our Russian division were all made in Italy.

But we found that the environmentally friendly and flexible gabion structures we brought into Russia had great success in hydraulic and road construction due to the many advantages they had when compared to the traditional Reinforced Concrete (RC) technologies, then used in Russia and the CIS.

We started thinking about moving production to Russia in 1998. The economic crisis spurred us on because with the crash of the Russian ruble, importing materials from Italy became unfavorable. Our analysis of the market and the portfolio of upcoming projects led us to open the first plant in Russia at Dmitrov. Preparation for this start-up project took two years, but by 2001 we had started supplying our clients with gabion and mesh products now made in Russia.

The First Plant in Dmitrov. The choice of location for the first production site was based on accessibility and where best would help reduce the cost of logistics. Proximity to our growing Moscow office was important. This is why the plant was established in the Moscow Region, in Dmitrov. The town has proved to be convenient both in logistical terms and also for attracting personnel.

As time passed, we were supplying geomaterials not only to Central Russia, but also the country’s Eastern regions as well. To further reduce the cost of logistics, we decided to cut the distance we were covering by establishing another production site.

Plant in the Ural Region, Kurgan. In 2007, we opened our second plant, in the Ural Region, in the city of Kurgan. We bought a Kurgan Bus Factory workshop to install the equipment. A double-twist mesh structures production line was set up at the factory, and a workshop for assembling the systems to protect against hazardous geological events (like rockfalls and avalanches) was launched.

Today, the Kurgan plant assembles both dynamic rockfall and debris flow barriers as well as snow barriers.

Reorganizing Production by opening the Zaraysk Plant. Over time, the company’s needs outgrew the Dmitrov plant, with supply scopes increasing and planning horizons extending. As a consequence we began implementing new technologies, including updated methods of geosynthetic materials production.

This led to the building of another plant in 2012 at Zaraysk, in the Moscow Region. Some of Dmitrov’s production lines were moved here, while other equipment was ordered and delivered from Italy.

The production at Zaraysk started from scratch. We built a modern plant with an area of 4,500 m2 along with an administrative building on a territory of 40,000 m2. Today, we have a few production lines producing double-twist steel mesh structures: gabions, Reno mattresses, Terramesh system, Green Terramesh. Plus a new geosynthetic material production line has been established, to produce the anti-erosion geomats MacMat and the drainage geocomposites MacDrain. The Zaraysk plant has its own laboratory for testing both physical and mechanical properties of our products.

The projects in which we are participating dictate the high-quality of the products that we supply. All our plants in Russia are now using 100% local raw materials. We actively began our import-replacement program in 2015, which forced the majority of raw material manufacturers to improve the parameters of their products. We were able to create a list of high-quality material suppliers, for production of geosynthetic materials as well.

Today, our materials are used in different scales of projects, from small local ones to very large, federal enterprises. These include road, petrochemical and civil construction projects, along with mining industry infrastructure projects and hydraulic structures.

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