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Moscow State University of Railway Engineering focuses on anchor steel fiber

The benefits of using steel fiber in the construction of transport tunnels

The use of anchor steel fiber in the construction of transport tunnels.

On  18 December the head of "Underground construction" department Maxim Volodin made a presentation at the first international scientific-practical conference of INTERMETRO “Prospects of development of subways in the conditions of intensive introduction of new technologies”.

The conference has been held  from 17 to 19 December 2015, at the Institute of track, construction and structures, Moscow State University Of Railway Engineering (MIIT).

The aim of the event is to discuss in a circle of experts innovative solutions, trends of introduction of new technologies in the field of infrastructure and rolling stock, as well as exchange of experience. The theme of presentation is: 'The Use of anchor steel fiber in the construction of transport tunnels'.

This theme is gaining interest among the members of the professional community, since the use of concrete is becoming more common, due to the improvement of material properties, such as in the material toughness under tension and durability. However, because the behavior of such structures is fairly different from conventional Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures, the classic design method should be critically reviewed considering the post-cracking resistant mechanism.

A scientific report will be dedicated to SFRC (Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete) for underground lining construction, with precise description of lab test with international codes regarding SFRC and describing criteria for choosing right solutions for tunneling lining.  Second part is mainly focused on practical usage of steel fiber during the construction with international and local reference, comparing economical and technological benefits of SFRC to traditional reinforcement in similar ground conditions.

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