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Maccaferri’s engineers participated in the rescue of the house where a famous soviet arms designer had lived

Maccaferri rescued of the house where a famous soviet arms designer had lived - Maccaferri Russia

Maccaferri’s engineering solutions proved to be efficient for saving of Vyatskiye Polyany’s historic area.

The right bank of the Vyatka River once used to be steep. However, its landscape started to deteriorate rapidly in the late 20th century. Every year, flood waters carried up to half a meter of the earth from the cliffs. First landslides swallowed household plots of the historic area residents.

In 2010, the Vyatka’s bank was studied. It was found that for 2 years the destruction rate (the rate of edge retreat) reached an average of 2-3 meters. The total length of the landslide area was 600 m.

Not only houses, but also the late 16th century church of St. Nikolay and thecountry’s only museum of the famous arms designer Georgy Shpagin were on the brink of ruin. Georgy S. Shpagin entered the Russian history as the creator of the Shpagin SMG (submachine gun) which had become famous throughout the world: Armed fighters defended Moscow and Stalingrad, gone along half of Europe and conquered Berlin.

The Shpagin submachine gun was best in its class compared to the Nazis’ automatic weapons. During the war, the country’s defense industry produced 5.4 mln SMGs.

The famous designer came to Vyatskiye Polyany in 1941 with the evacuated Zagorsk plant (was located near Moscow) for the production of automatic weapons. Georgy settled with his family — his wife and four daughters — in a modest wooden house on the bank of the Vyatka river and lived here until 1951.

The bank protection project was already developed in the 90s. It was postponed and revised many times; and only when the flood flow came close to the riverside buildings, a compromise solution was found by reducing the estimated cost of the project manyfold.

Based on the estimates, less labor-intensive construction process, as well as aesthetically attractive appearance of the facade, it was decided to erect a retaining wall of Terramesh System gabions products. The height of the structures varies from 2.5 to 4.5 meters.

In addition to the bank stabilization, the slopes were protected with MacMat R geomats against possible surface erosion and as a further strengthen the carpet root system.

Maccaferri’s team is proud to be involved in such a remarkable project on the protection of cultural and historical significance. Currently, the constructed embankment not only directly protects from various hydrological processes, as well as serves as a popular stroll place among the town residents.

The embankment breathed new life into the old town of Vyatskiye Polyany, which was originally used to be a monastery domain, and later — a center of economic and cultural activity in the town.

To learn more details on the project for embankment reconstruction in Vyatskiye Polyany, contact us.

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