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Maccaferri Presents our SDW Landfill Reclamation System at WasteTech 2017


From June 6th-8th, 2017, Crocus Expo IEC will host the 10th International Trade Fair and Conference for Waste Management, Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies

WasteTech 2017 is a premier forum covering waste treatment, environmental protection and renewable energy in Russia and neighboring countries. We will be exhibiting our solutions for Solid Domestic Waste (SDW) landfill reclamation. You can find us at booth #H1, Hall #8 at Crocus Expo in Moscow.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin declared 2017 the Year of Ecology [ link in Russian only]. This initiative is designed to raise public awareness to environmental issues, maintain ecological diversity and protect the ecological security of the country. The estimated cost for the Year of Ecology events will be around 194 billion rubles.

WasteTech 2017 is the 10th International Forum for Waste Management, Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies, designed to bring together exhibitors to promote solutions for the waste market in Russia and the show will cover the full range of topics: waste management and recycling, wastewater treatment, renewable energy, air quality, reclamation of contained sites, industrial cleaning, improvement of territories and labor safety.

The exhibition will be held at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow, from June 6th-8th, 2017. WasteTech 2017 is organized by Reed Exhibitions, the major organizer of trade and consumer exhibitions and conferences across 43 industry sectors.

The first WasteTech exhibition took place in Moscow in 1999 in a 340m2 exhibition space with 40 exhibitors. In recent years, the importance of waste processing and environmental protection has grown significantly, due to the increase in resource consumption and the interest in restoring economic value and productivity for reclaimed areas. In 2015, 248 manufacturers and suppliers from 25 countries took part in the exhibition, covering an exhibition area of over 5,100 m².

Prospects for the waste market in Russia are very tangible. Today about 90 % (over 35 million tonnes) of waste is disposed of at landfills. The federal targeted program "Environmental Remedial Action" aimed at SDW landfill reclamation using modern technologies has been effective since 2014.

At Maccaferri, we can deliver solutions for SDW disposal through the implementation of environmental protection projects. Our technical solutions are based on the use of modern geomaterials, which allow for the replacement of traditional mineral raw materials like lining clays or drainage gravels. The use of chemically inert and durable geosynthetics addresses the most critical issue — improving the ecological safety of reclamation facilities and preserving the ecosystem mineral resources. In addition, most geosynthetics are produced from polymerized waste from the oil industry, which creates an additional synergistic effect in preserving the ecological balance of the ecosystem.

Our SDW landfill reclamation system effectively protects ground and groundwater from contamination, owing to a reliable screen at the landfill base. The layer-by-layer reinforcement of the landfill body with strong geogrids prevents differential settlement and enables construction on weak ground. Drainage geocomposites remove water from the system and, together with other geomaterials, increases the storage capacity of the landfill. Our geomats are used to offer erosion protection.

In summary, when choosing an effective SDW system, our solutions offer a series of advantages:

  • increase waste storage capacity, using geogrids, which ensure layer-by-layer reinforcement of landfill and drainage geocomposites, which perform drainage and protective functions
  • secure landfills within their allotted boundaries by using retaining walls, without reducing landfill volume
  • increase landfill environmental reliability and durability, since the materials used are chemically resistant to corrosive environments
  • reduce or exclude man-made environmental impact after landfill reclamation, using the recovered areas as recreational sites.

At Maccaferri, we are always ready to provide qualified technical support for SDW landfill reclamation, including structure design and calculation using our tailored software, supply of materials and installation supervision.

We are waiting to meet you at WasteTech 2017. Stop by our booth H1, Hall 8!

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