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Top Three Challenges for the Development of the Russian Geosynthetics Market


The conference ‘Geosynthetics in Road Construction’ was an opportunity to discuss the market development strategy

MAXConference, an independent event organiser, held the 2nd international conference ‘Geosynthetics in Road Construction’ in Moscow last month. Once again, Maccaferri was among the partners of the event and our experts had the opportunity to take part in the discussion on the future development of the geosynthetics market in Russia.

This year, the conference Geosynthetics in Road Construction was dedicated to the certification of geosynthetics and the development of interstate standards for the application of geosynthetics in road construction. The event was attended by experts from Germany, Greece, Italy and Russia. Russian speakers came from governmental authorities, design institutes and geosynthetics manufacturers.

The Russian geosynthetics market faces several problems at the moment; one of the more urgent is where contractors often replace the specified material with a cheaper and more accessible one, disregarding differences in their technical and physical properties. Ultimately, such replacements affect the quality and durability of the construction works. Action needs to be taken as Alexei Volodikov, SIBUR’s expert in thermoplastic elastomers and geosynthetics, pointed out during the third session of the event, which was moderated by Liia V. Potudanskaya, Geosynthetics Division Manager, Maccaferri.

Furthermore, the forum participants affirmed the need to develop naming standards for geosynthetics. This move would enable a unified database to be created where the current large number of undifferentiated materials would be streamlined and organized depending on their properties. A uniform nomenclature for geosynthetics would standardize and simplify the material selection process and ensure a better implementation of infrastructure projects.

The lack of conformity with international standards for geosynthetics in Russian infrastructure not only affects the design quality, it also creates difficulties during State expert examinations. As a consequence, designers have to prepare project specific technical specifications, from documents which cannot fully meet the project specifications.

With this in mind, during the second session dedicated to design issues, Dmitrii Olenichev, Chief Engineer, Project Department, Maccaferri, raised the issue of the lack of a regulatory framework for calculation methods and design of embankments constructed on soft grounds using high-tenacity geogrids.

It should be noted that such a regulatory framework is under development. Sergei Iliin, Deputy Director, Design, Technology Policy and Innovation Department, Avtodor State Company, informed the attendees on the development of a new GOST standard for design and calculations of road pavements with the use of various types of geomaterials for the period 2018-2019.

In summary, a strategic plan for the development of the Russian geosynthetics market includes three main challenges:

  • implementation of a regulatory framework
  • development of a uniform nomenclature for geosynthetics
  • improvement of the quality control on raw materials and finished products.

At Maccaferri, we work hard to improve the quality and expand the range of the geosynthetics, manufactured proudly in our own factory in Zaraysk (Moscow Region).

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need help to find a solution to overcome your technical challenges or to select the most appropriate geosynthetics for your project.

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