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Gabions and walling systems used for improvement of russian roads

Transportation infrastructure

Traffic increase in Moscow region leads to increasing demand for Maccaferri products

A dramatic increase in traffic over the recent years has become a major catalyst for the growth of the transport infrastructure  in Moscow and Moscow Region. Today, new facilities are being constructed on a large scale and existing ones are being modernized. The main purpose of these actions is to reduce the load on the capital’s highways.

The northern bypass roadway of Odintsovo has become a significant relief road for the city and has considerably reduced the load on the Minsk Highway (M-1). Precedently, the segment of the Belarus Highway near Odintsovo had been one of the most busy and problematic. The Minsk Highway serves as a route both for international (the East-West transport corridor) and domestic transport. The heavy traffic on the Minsk Highway triggered the construction of the bypass.

The project documentation provided for construction of a large number of utilities on a 18.5-kilometer section of the road, including a number of road junctions and overpasses. The crossing of the Odintsovo Bypass and the Uspenskoye Highway is among these overpasses. It was planned to use cast-in-place concrete cones for retaining walls. However, the customer demanded the future structure looked aesthetically pleasing.

While considering the technical solutions, VTM Dorproekt’s designers decided to contact Maccaferri Russia to consult on the development of a balanced comprehensive technical solution which would solve the tasks at hand. In a short time, Maccaferri Gabions CIS’s professionals elaborated the most optimal technical solution and agreed it with the project organization. It was based on the MacWall reinforced soil retaining system.

Apart from aesthetics, the MacWall system offers technological effectiveness, in particular the speed of construction of retaining structures, making this solution technically and economically attractive and reasonable for design and construction of transport infrastructure.

The stability of the retaining walls was calculated using the MacStars W software package developed by Officine Maccaferri S.p.A. The program was certified in Russia in 2007.

MACSTARS W is based on the limit equilibrium concept and uses Bishop’s and Janbu’s simplified methods. The Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion underlies both methods. Maccaferri’s specialized software allows you to calculate total and internal stability of a construction and to choose the optimal technically and economically reasonable option for a design solution.

To reinforce backfill soil, the MacWall system engaged MacGrid WG 8S polyester geogrids, PVC coated. This type of planar geogrids features the maximum breaking load of 80 kN in the longitudinal and transverse directions. All Maccaferri’s geogrids are made of high quality materials and have high strength, low deformability, low creeping and environmental durability.

As a result, the approved technical solution allowed to solve tasks and to ensure engineering protection of the overpass cones. The gray color was chosen for MacWall facing blocks as it allowed the constructed wall to blend in with the existing landscape.

Maccaferri conducts free training on calculation of internal and external stability of structures using MacStars software complex.

If you are interested in free training, please contact us.


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