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Maccaferri gabions can be reinforced against ice action damage


Gabions installed in cold regions, where ice can impact on infrastructure, need to be specially coated in order to maintain their mechanical features and efficiency

Ice conditions on Russian rivers create significant challenges for the operation of hydraulic facilities. They experience static and dynamic ice pressure, abrasive effects of ice flow and "pull-out" forces; ice upon rivers or lakes is frozen within and around the gabion structure and as the ice moves or melts, it can pull on the gabion as the water level changes.

The effect of the ice cover depends on the length of the ice field, ice thickness and its mechanical characteristics, snow layer and temperature changes. There is a dependence on the coefficient of friction against the protection works, water level fluctuations in the basin, shape of the basin and the hydraulic actions.

Design engineers are aware of the general approaches and algorithms based on current regulations that make it possible to assess the impact of ice loads on gabion structures. However, design concepts in this area to a greater extent rest upon standard and practical experience in the design of hydraulic works.

We need another design concept of gabion structures for the regions with harsh climatic conditions. Gabions contribute to the ice conditions: when they freeze together with the ice, they form ice and stone blocks, which enable gabions to float up, shift and separate from the main ice cluster. When levels of spring ice-drift change, mesh structures can wear off by rubbing and be cut with moving ice.

Mesh structures piled with ice are possible as well. Therefore, the created gabion structure has to withstand different types of ice loads. To reduce the risk of damage of double-twisted mesh and possible deformation of the structure, Maccaferri offers gabions and Reno mattresses with reinforced faces. These items differ from standard gabions due to the fact that their front face is reinforced at the factory with metal bars of greater diameter than the rest of the mesh. This gives our Strong Face Gabions additional rigidity and ability to resist deformation of the front side when loaded by the ice cover.

When designing hydraulic works, characteristics of river floods are to be taken into account, as this process almost always contributes to the formation of ice piles on shores and shallows. It is important to be extremely careful when choosing protective gabion revetments, due to the fact that interaction between ice cover and the gabions is formed during the freezing period.

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