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Maccaferri Conducted its Specialized MacStars Software Training in Almaty.

MacStars Software

Maccaferri applies its own set of specialized computer programs to determine optimal physical and technical parameters for its reinforcement and protection systems.

Rapid transport and urban infrastructure growth generates many technological challenges for engineers. Strengthening of slopes, construction of retaining walls and protection against rockfalls, mudslides and avalanches are the key elements when designing and maintaining roads, railways and other facilities located in areas with various geological setting. Therefore, Maccaferri applies its own set of specialized computer programs to determine optimal physical and technical parameters for its reinforcement and protection systems.

The key topic of the technical workshop held on April 20, 2016, in Almaty (Kazakhstan) was the use of Maccaferri’s software to analyze, calculate and design engineering protection systems.

The training was held on the initiative and with support of Kazselezashchita, a state enterprise of the Emergencies Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This entity is engaged into monitoring and control over mudflows, avalanches, floods and other hazardous nature events. It is worth mentioning that the training on Maccaferri’s software generated a great interest among the country’s design organizations, such as Kazgiprovodohoz and Kazgidro that regularly deal with engineering of protective constructions to prevent emergencies.

During the training, the participants acquired basic skills on how to elaborate soil reinforcement design using special software MacStARS W. They also considered a specialized software MacRO system used in the design of various slope drapes.

The software package MacStARS W was specially developed by Officine Maccaferri SpA (Italy) to calculate retaining walls stability. MACSTARS W is based on the limit equilibrium concept and uses Bishop’s and Janbu’s simplified methods. The Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion underlies both methods. Maccaferri’s specialized software allows you to calculate total and internal stability of a construction and to choose the technically and economically reasonable option for a design solution. During calculation, MacStARS W requires the following parameters:

  • Geometrical dimensions of the structure to be designed
  • Physical and mechanical soil characteristics, seismic activity in the region
  • Loads and effects

In order to design of various slope drapes, another specialized Maccaferri’s software package — MacRO — is applied:

  • MacRO 1 for design of drapes with additional reinforcement
  • MacRO2 for design of simple drapes

In the program, the most important calculation indicators are material resistance to tensile strain and tensile strength. The data collected from material (full-size samples) testings are included in the MacRO software package and allow you to reduce further calculations. MacRO software package is certified according to GOST R system and is used by many design centers. This training forms a compound of Maccaferri’s ongoing trusting relation with customers and designers concerning protection against rockfalls and other natural hazards. In particular, in the Almaty region erected a number of constructions integrating Maccaferri’s materials and engineering solutions. They successfully pass annual monitoring by Kazselezashchita. This year, Almaty’s authorities release another tranche for protective measures. So we plan to perform our work within this project at a top professional level: from precise software calculations to supply of unique protective materials.

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