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Maccaferri celebrates the professional holiday for motor transport and road facilities workers

Transportation infrastructure

October 16, 2016 is the professional holiday for motor transport and road facilities workers, Maccaferri wants to celebrate this important Day

October 16, 2016 is the professional holiday for motor transport and road facilities workers. The history of the Road Workers' Day started in 1996 when under the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated October 14, 1996 the last Sunday of October became the official date of the holiday.

Later the celebration was transferred to the third Sunday of October. According to the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation, development of the road system must be in line with the pace of the country's social and economic development and accommodate the need for transportation as motorization grows. So today the quality requirements for transport routes are strict. Now transport infrastructure accounts for more than 50% of all infrastructure investments in the country. The road industry includes more than 3,000 establishments and enterprises of various forms of ownership; about 750,000 people are involved in it and the related industries.

Modernization of old transport networks and building of new ones continues without slowing down. The top priority road-building projects are as follows: the Moscow–Saint Petersburg motorway, Central Ring Road (CRR), M5 Ural highway (Moscow–Chelyabinsk), M7 Volga highway (Moscow–Ufa), M4 Don highway. For the coming years, construction of the bridge over the Strait of Kerch will remain the largest road-building project.

It is outlined in the long-term strategy of highway development in Russia that by 2030 a network of 12,000 km of roads will be developed out of which 2,000 km will be reconstructed and 6,000 km will be built. Maccaferri's activity has been closely connected to the road and construction sector. We recognize that technical expertise in improving the quality of roads is useful in any project whether it is laying a macadam forest road over soft ground or reconstructing a multi-lane highway along which thousands of cars pass daily.

However, modern road-building materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive while it is required to extend road life for lower cost. So today engineers face the need of implementing advanced solutions in road surfacing, soil reinforcement and roadway drainage. Modern technical solutions lower operating costs and reduce material consumption while necessary performance characteristics are maintained.

In cooperation with the leading Russian design institutes (Instroyproject, Transproekt, Soyuzdorproekt, Kanalstroiproiekt) and road-building organizations (Transstroymechanizatsia, Mostotrest, Avtoban, Stroygazmontazh), Maccaferri runs interesting projects and promotes modern technical solutions and quality building materials.

Giving credit to diligence of all for whom this holiday is relevant please accept our warmest congratulations and wishes for professional accomplishments, successful projects and prosperity.

Let your moving forward as planned be smooth and all your accumulated experience and innovation help overcome any challenges! For more information please contact us

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