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140 years in harmony with nature


The history of Maccaferri started back in 1879. Over its long history, our company did not just introduce new technical solutions but also became a pioneer in the segment of environmentally-friendly engineering

For 140 years, Maccaferri has been researching, designing, and developing technical solutions for the demanding needs of the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction industry. Our history shows that great results can be achieved by combining global experience and technology with the commitment and dedication of managers and employees.

Our company was set up in Zola Predosa, a little village in the province of Bologna where the Maccaferri family owned a blacksmith's forge that was officially registered on May 3, 1879.

This is where gabions were invented: a true revolution in the civil engineering industry. Evidence of that history can still be seen in Casalecchio, not far away from Bologna, where gabions were used to repair dams destroyed by a flood of the river Reno in 1983. The company then survived two world wars, the conversion of production for military purposes and a bombing that destroyed the factory in Zola Predosa in 1944.

To meet the new needs of the market, an industrial plant was established in 1951 in Bellizzi, near Salerno in the south of Italy, while at the end of the sixties the company experienced a very significant period of geographical expansion in North and South America and in Europe. In the 1990s, we added another crucial element to our offer, expanding our product range with geosynthetic materials and rockfall protection solutions that are now widely famous. In doing so, we transitioned from a “one-product” company to a company providing advanced solutions.

As new markets emerged, Maccaferri started operating in Russia (1994), India (1998) and China (2004). With the development of technical solutions, the company established its position in new business areas such as mining, railway, development of design software, as well as the creation of new, more efficient types of coatings.

In the meantime, our planet proved to be very fragile and affected by a series of alarming environmental issues. For this reason, today Officine Maccaferri offers environmentally-friendly engineering solutions and chooses environmental sustainability as its main focus.

Our new vision is now based on the key concept of “Nurturing the World of Tomorrow” as we recognize that preserving the environment is vital for sustaining the quality of life of our society and future generations. Contact us and we will develop an optimal and environmentally-friendly solution for your project.

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