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Drainage Geocomposites


Drainage composites play a pivotal role in diverse applications, spanning civil engineering, planar installations, roofing, and landfill projects. These composites, formed by combining a drainage core layer (such as a mat, net, or moulded element) with one or two layers of geotextiles or geomembranes during production, serve functions like filtering, separation, and, in some cases, additional features such as protection.

The primary and key function of drainage composites is drainage, therefore it’s mandatory to determine the variation of such performance in time as a result of the surrounding conditions.

Among the key factors, considerations about compressive creep reduction, flow rate variations, and filter efficiency are critical to ensure the sustained effectiveness of these composites.


Given the extensive range of applications for drainage composites, specialized product families have been developed to meet specific needs and provide optimal performance in different scenarios.

Here are a few examples:

TerraDrain™ for Sports Fields

  • Tailored for sports field applications.
  • Specifically designed to address drainage requirements associated with athletic surfaces.

MacDrain™ W for High Flow Rates and heavy load conditions

  • Engineered to withstand and effectively manage high flow rates
  • Suitable for applications where rapid drainage is a priority. 

MacDrain™ M for High Flow Rates and medium load conditions

  • Primarily designed to handle high compression loads.
  • Tailored for particular applications, providing unique advantages.

These specialized product families highlight the versatility and adaptability of drainage composites, ensuring they meet the specific demands of various projects. Whether utilized in civil engineering, planar installations, roofing, landfill projects, or sports fields, MacDrain™ W and M excel in high-flow rate scenarios. Additionally, the MacDrain™ N family provides a tailored solution, designed specifically to withstand extreme compression loads. These tailored product families aim to deliver optimal performance and the best possible user experience in their respective applications.

Success Stories

Village Brow, Crawfordsburn

Maccaferri Green Terramesh Reinforced Soil Slope was proposed and accepted as an appropriate solution. The total length of the slope was 70m, reaching

Bangor, CO Down
Village Brow, Crawfordsburn
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