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Officine Maccaferri is committed to providing you with full and transparent information about cookie use.

What cookies are

Cookies are small text files (letter and/or numbers) which are placed on your computer (or other devices used to access the internet) whenever you visit a website.

We use cookies for different reasons, including to enhance your visit to our website, e.g. keep you logged in when you navigate between pages, to store your user id and password securely, to store preferences, to identify which parts of a website you have visited.

The cookies we place on your computer cannot be used to retrieve any other data from your hard drive, to pass viruses to your computer, or capture your e-mail address. Some of the functions that cookies perform can also be achieved using alternative technology. In this cookie policy we use the term ‘cookies’ to mean cookies and all similar mechanisms.

Different kinds of cookies

Websites use several kinds of cookies that can be classified into the following categories. Some of the cookies here indicated only have technical functions (the so called Technical cookies), while other cookies are used to profile website users. The Officine Maccaferri websites only use Technical cookies, while no Profiling cookies are used.

1.      Essential Cookies

These cookies are vital to the basic performance of the Officine Maccaferri website; they enable critical authentication, validation, session management and fraud prevention. The duration of these cookies is strictly limited to the work session. Once you close your browser they will be deleted. Disabling these cookies would compromise the possibility to use the services you can access once you have logged into your account, while you would still be able to navigate the rest of the website.

2.      Analytical/Performance Cookies

These cookies track which pages you visit frequently and how you use the website and its links. They also allow Officine Maccaferri to promptly identify and fix any issue that might impact your journey on our website. The information that these cookies collect is aggregated before being used to allow us to make improvements to your browsing experience. These cookies are not used to collect your personal information for advertising purposes. Disabling these cookies would not compromise the possibility to use our website.

3.      Profiling Cookies

The Officine Maccaferri website does not use profiling cookies. These are persistent cookies and they aim at creating user profiles. They are used to send ad messages in line with the preferences shown by the user during navigation.

Third parties Cookies

When you navigate a website, you can receive cookies from that website but also from websites managed by other organizations (third party cookies). This is the case, for instance, with social plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. They are parts of the webpage generated directly by those websites and inserted in the webpage visited. Usually, social plugins are used to share contents on social networks.

The presence of these plugins on the website implies the transmission of cookies from and to all websites managed by third parties. Please, be aware that all information collected by the third parties is processed according to their privacy policy. We recommend that you read the privacy and cookies policies on those websites. You can find the privacy policies and cookie information of third party websites at the following addresses:

Facebook cookies policy:

Facebook privacy policy: long in into your account and select “Privacy”

Twitter cookies policy:

Twitter privacy policy:

Linkedin cookies policy:

Linkedin privacy policy:

Google+ cookies policy:

Google+ privacy policy:

Analytics Cookies

The Officine Maccaferri websites include some components transmitted from Google Analytics, a traffic analysis service offered by Google, Inc. (“Google”).

Google Analytics are third parties cookies collected and processed anonymously in order to monitor and enhance your browsing experience (performance cookies).

Analytics cookies are used to collect information on the use of Officine Maccaferri websites by users and to analyze their preferences anonymously (the IP address of the user is among the information collected). This information is collected and elaborated by Google Analytics in order to give reports for operators of the Officine Maccaferri on the activities carried out on our websites.

Officine Maccaferri websites do not use Google Analytics to monitor or collect personal information or information that can lead to identification. Our websites do not allow third parties to carry out these functions either. Google does not associate the IP address to any other data detained by Google and it does not attempt to associate any IP address with any of the website users’ identities. Google can communicate this information to third parties if this is required by law or if the third parties are processing this information on Google’s behalf.

For additional information on Google Analytics cookies, please visit the Google page

If you do not want your data collected with Google Analytics, you can opt out by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on at the following address

Managing your Cookie preferences

Some people prefer not to allow cookies, which is why most browsers give you the ability to manage cookies to suit your preference.

In some browsers you can set up rules to manage cookies on a site-by-site basis, giving you more fine-grained control over your privacy. What this means is that you can disable cookies from all sites except those that you trust through adjusting your browser settings.

For instance, on Firefox you can manage your cookie preferences through the control panel you can reach by clicking on Tools-Options-Privacy. You can manage your cookie preferences on some of the most used browsers at the following addresses:



Internet Explorer:



Alternatively, you may wish to visit, which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of desktop browsers.

Please be aware that completely disabling technical cookies can compromise the functionalities of the Officine Maccaferri websites for registered users.

Completely disabling third-party cookies does not affect navigation on our websites.

Cookies’ persistency

Session cookies are active for as long as the browser is on or for as long as you do not logout from your session.

Another kind of cookies, known as Persistent cookies, are also available during future navigation sessions even after you close your browser or logout from your session. Their duration is determined when they are created. In some cases they have an expiry date, while sometimes their duration is unlimited.

Officine Maccaferri websites do not use persistent cookies. Nevertheless while navigating on the Officine Maccaferri websites, be aware that you can interact with third-party websites that can create or modify persistent cookies or profiling cookies.

Cookie Policy updating

We will make sure this cookie policy is kept up to date. Please check the current version available from time to time in order to verify if any change has occurred.

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