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Sasol Rompco Employers Pipe Laydown Area

Sasol Rompco Employers Pipe Laydown Area

The approved solution is 58000 sq meters of Maccaferri MacTex.

Mozambique’s natural gas resources have been under investigation for a number of years. Via an exploration agreement that covers the Exploration Block and a Petroleum Production Agreement that covers the Temane and Pande Gas Fields of Sasol (along with its Mozambican affiliate companies) was granted exploration rights in the northern parts of Inhambane Province, southern Mozambique. The Petroleum Production Agreement for the development and production of the Temane and Pande Fields was signed on 26 October 2000 by Sasol, Companhia Mozambicana Hidrocarbonetos SARL, and the Government of Mozambique.

During November 2001 Sasol obtained Government approval through the Republic Of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO) for the Natural Gas Project. The purpose of the project is to pipe natural gas to Secunda, South Africa, for processing and onward distribution in South Africa for industrial applications.

Maccaferri Africa was recently (November 2015)  given the opportunity to participate in this project. Having been contacted by the contractor WK Construction, searching for a solution for ground improvement for the area to be used as a pipe laydown area, this led to the partnership with VGI Consultants to produce a viable solution.

The in-situ soil in the area presented a low CBR value of 3-5%. This area was to be serviceable during 6 months with little or no maintenance, in which it would be trafficked by approximately 3000 trips of pipe transportation trucks. The truck weight would be approximately 45t, with a standard tridem-axle (4wheel) arrangement on the trailer and two axles (4Wheel) on the horse.

The initial idea was to place a geosynthetic reinforcement over the in-situ material, following with a 200-300mm layer of cement stabilized material. Given the soil being a fine, granular sand, it was suggested the best solution to be a woven geotextile such as the MacTex W1. On top of this a superficial layer of 150mm of in-situ material, then 150mm of cement stabilized material. Using the MacRead Studio 1.6, a design was done with the Leng-Gabr method to verify the efficiency of using a MacTex W1 in different scenarios.

With an approved solution by the consultant, it was supplied close to a total of 58000m² of different grades of MacTex W1, 4S, 5S and 8S.

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