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Sani Pass in South Africa Provides Grounds for Training


We shared our market-leading knowledge by training contractors to install Gabions and Terramesh® Walls of up to 5m in height

The training is ongoing and will be conducted throughout the year to develop the team’s skills and enable improvements in the civil and construction sectors.

When it comes to constructing Gabions and Terramesh® Walls, the most important aspect is to ensure the correct installation of these units from the start. This minimizes effects like bulging and sagging that can lead to a structure failing.

The Sani Pass training is part of our ongoing skills development timetable. So far, training has been carried out installing gabions along the Sani Pass in March 2018. We have been assisting the main contractor, Leomat Construction, and our training will be continued with many similar sessions that will take place throughout the course of this project.

Transferring the knowledge that Maccaferri has gathered over more than 130 years working on civil engineering projects, is very important to us because we believe it benefits everyone involved in our projects.

We care about improving construction in the African sector: becoming a partner, with the region and establishing a continuing education practice positively affects the construction industry. Maccaferri is committed to being a mentor, thus encouraging people to develop their professional skills. With our long and successful history of projects, spanning all over the world, our team is able to share lessons learned and solutions with teams who have not been able to branch past their locale.

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