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Retaining wall provides platform for crusher facility at the Kalsaka Gold Mine in Burkina Faso


Our Terramesh System in combination with ParaGrid primary geogrids meets the requirements of the mining operator

A retaining wall was needed at the Kalsaka gold mine in Burkina Faso to create a platform for the crushing facility. The wall had to be raised in front of the existing crusher bin without interfering with it. Our Terramesh System in conjunction with our primary soil reinforcement ParaGrid geogrids was chosen for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Amara Mining, which operates the Kalsaka gold mine in Burkina Faso, needed a retaining wall for a primary crushing facility. The retaining structure was needed to create a platform allowing loaders and tipper trucks to unload the ore into the crusher bin for processing.

Senet, one of the leading project management and engineering firms in the field of mineral processing, was in charge of the project and approached Maccaferri to provide a cost-effective solution involving the design and material supply.

The crusher bin is usually erected after or during the construction of the wall but, in this case, the crusher had already been constructed and the wall had to be raised in front of it. Therefore, great care had to be taken not to interfere with the crusher bin.

We proposed a Terramesh reinforced soil wall system, with ParaGrid geogrids providing the primary soil reinforcement geogrids. It afforded us great flexibility and by setting back each course by a few millimetres it prevented interference with the existing crusher bin. Terramesh System features a gabion fascia with an integral geogrid. The fascia unit is filled with suitable rock fill, and the geogrid tail is installed within layers of compacted backfill. ParaGrid primary geogrids were also used within the structural backfill.

The abundance of suitable rock fill in the vicinity of the site made it an even more cost-effective solution compared to traditional concrete structures. The client also preferred it for its ease of construction which does not require highly skilled personnel.

The wall was designed using MacStars W and Phase² software to verify its stability under the expected high loads and seismic conditions.

For more technical information, download our case history.

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