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Maccaferri Africa 2015 Social Responsibility Project

Maccaferri Social Responsibility Project - Maccaferri Africa

The Italian Southern Africa Development Organisation (ISADO)  was called in 2011 to assist the King George V Hospital School in Durban, built in the 1950’s and not upgraded since.

This primary school with 5 classrooms, serves the 70 children recovering from drug resistant Tubercolosis in the same Hospital, allowing them to continue studying during the long therapy. When ISADO arrived at the school, it was in extremely poor condition. It had an asbestos roof and broken ceilings, hanging electric cables and broken windows. The children often could not attend the morning lessons because of the cold.

ISADO decided to undertake this very worthy and important project and started a campaign of fund raising of approximately R3 million, in order to restore the old building and its infrastructure.

In 2012, thanks to the contribution of many sponsors, in particular Stefanutti Stocks, ISADO managed to deliver one of its best achievement so far, the completion of King George V school including the garden and a jungle gym.

The King George V Hospital School appealed to ISADO again in 2015, regarding the need for another teacher and school uniforms for the children. Most urgently, the school needs a teacher to teach those children in the wards that cannot make it to the classroom because they are too weak or sick to walk to school. Infact despite the huge benefit of having a school on the premises, still too many children do not attend classes because they are confined in their beds by the disease, but they would love to have the teacher teach them at their bedside.

Together with this urgent issue, the school has reported a huge need for clothes and underclothes for the school children that are barely dressed and with only a set of clothes. Considering their conditions especially in the winter months, it is crucial they come to school adequately clothed.

ISADO appealed to Maccaferri Africa, that over the last 3 years has been supportive of the ISADO initiatives at Fairbreeze secondary school in Tongaat. Maccaferri Africa has therefore approved an expenditure of R 93,876 for purchasing shoes, uniforms, underwear and shirts for 70 children, as well as for an extra teacher for 12 months. Maccaferri Africa staff members have also been encouraged to contribute to this initiative and all donations will be presented to ISADO at the beginning of December 2015.

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