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Project Management: Performance by Comparison and Leading by Examples


South African/African contractors prove their competence in the field of project management in two key projects in Sierra Leone and Egypt.

South African/African Contractors have often been compared to foreign competitors regarding their achievements. When viewed from a Project Management perspective one is faced with the evident fact that South African Contractors are securely in the same league as foreign bidders. Projects using concrete panel retaining wall systems in Sierra Leone and Egypt, aptly exemplify this phenomenon.

Several years ago WBHO were confirmed as contractors for a project in Sierra Leone that, among other things, also required the building of a tip wall at a coal mine. Unsurprisingly, the client had some non-negotiable stipulations on time and performance. Throughout the course of the project, an urgent increase in the production speed was required. On this occasion, the contractor, through careful planning and programming, worked at a record speed that allowed him to install 41no MacRES panels (127.92m²) plus backfill in one day. This feat was way above the average and demonstrated the contractor’s ability to action quickly and efficiently.

The same contractor, WBHO, was awarded a project in 2015 on a remote site also in Sierra Leone for a similar solution. To construct a tip wall under the auspices of the consultant DRA. In this case, record construction times allowed for a rapid project completion

In the Sierra Leone project, the contractor and consultant capitalized on the MSEW system by choosing experienced staff to lead their respective teams. This choice, along with project specific training provided by the supplier, got the project off to the right start.

In the project located in Egypt, the Egyptian contractor, Samcrete, assisted by the Maccaferri Agent- Strata Soil Systems (who had extensive experience on concrete masonry block walls), undertook the first Maccaferri MacRES concrete panel retaining wall system installation at Ismylia, west of Cairo.

As of the first week in May 2016 the contractor, Samcrete, co-assisted by Maccaferri’s Agent Soil Strata Systems, successfully installed 71no MacRES panels plus backfill (approximately 221.5m²) in a single day. This makes Samcrete the new and current record holder in Africa for the installation of the Maccaferri MacRes concrete panel retaining wall system!

In summary, both projects in Sierra Leone (WBHO), and the project in Egypt (Samcrete) stand out from a project management perspective. They prove that South African contractors not only succeed in their respective roles but also manage to exceed them.

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