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Maccaferri’s know-how and Paraweb products key asset for African contractors

Paraweb Prject - Africa

In Egypt and Sierra Leone Maccaferri is providing contractors specialized know how and high-quality products

In Egypt

The Maccaferri Agent in Cairo is operating under the company name of Strata Soil Systems (SSS). SSS is a subsidiary of SAMCRETE, who is the 4th largest Contractor in Egypt.

As a kick start an MSEW (Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall) structure using MacRes T-shape concrete panels was initiated on an existing massive 400km Ring road around Cairo.

SAMCRETE has 20km of this contract to build bridges, roads and retaining walls and hopes to be awarded more sections of this Ring Road. The MSEW project at Ismylia, where the first MA technology was used, is 2648m² but has now extended to other parts of the project to account for 12000m². By mid July, SSS will have purchased at least 240 000m² of Paraweb.

In Sierra Leone

The construction by WBHO of an MSEW tip wall structure, using  T-shape concrete panels and Paraweb 2D, was started in December 2015 at a mineral mine processing Rutile, approximately 240km north of Freetown.

The tip wall is 1571m² in area and required 86.300m of Paraweb 2D (50,75 and 100kN) and 1571m² of Macdrain.

The contractor was assisted by Maccaferri to start construction, but has also demonstrated a professional approach by employing competent staff with enough experience to ensure top rate quality procedures and construction practice.

Maccaferri expects a well-designed structure to be executed by a competent team to deliver the expected result and secure a credible reference for future projects in Sierra Leone.

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