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Geogrids requested by MSJ Geotechnical’s engineers in a basal reinforcement project.

Basal reinforcement

Maccaferri Africa provided their geogrid product ParaLink to be used in a basal reinforcement platform being created at a maize storage facility in Mahamba.

In January 2016, Maccaferri Africa assisted Durban-based engineers from MSJ Geotechnical in the design of a basal reinforcement projects for a maize storage facility in Mahamba, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the Teichmann Group was both the Client (their Agricultural Division) and the Contractor.

The difficult access to the area restrained the geotechnical investigation, which at its initial stage showed a low bearing capacity of the in-situ soil of less than 60kPa. Furthermore, in the surrounding area no rock or suitable gravel material is available. The geotechnical consultant rather than recommend specialized geotechnical work (i.e. piling, soil replacement, consolidation) due to cost and time constrains, recommended a 1m basal reinforcement platform strengthened by two cross-laid high strength Geogrids: ParaLink 600 and ParaLink 300 designed to carry the high loading developed by the 30m high silos (up to 331 kPa).

The Maccaferri technical team assisted in the engineering of the solutions thanks to the expertise in soil reinforcement gained throughout Africa, and the support of two software which have modelled the foundation: MacB.A.R.S and the Geogrid design of MacR.E.A.D, capable of calculating the stresses and strain of each reinforcement. The final solution has been validated by the Main Engineer through finite element analysis.

Maccaferri had all the material required in the warehouse in Tongaat – South Africa for this project and were able to service the client immediately in order to avoid delays on the project – considering a transport time of less than two months (usual delivery in such areas can easily reach 4 to 5 months), which, divided in construction stages, requires the first two silos to be operative by mid-2016.

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