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Maccaferri reinforces its standing in Egypt


One of the highest Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall in Egypt will be a 18 m Terramesh System providing support to villas overlooking the Red Sea

Maccaferri is providing contractors in Egypt with specialist know-how and high-quality products through Strata Soil Systems (SSS), its agent in Cairo. SSS started business in December 2014 and now has a staff of 14 civil engineers. Terramesh and MacRes Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (MSEW) are the most popular solutions. What is thought to be the highest MSEW in Egypt currently is a 18 m Terramesh System overlooking the Red Sea. The next GeoMEast 2017 Conference in Egypt will also see a joint presentation by Maccaferri Africa and SSS on MSEW.

Maccaferri first introduced products and solutions into Egypt in the middle of last century, when banks of sections of the Suez Canal needed protection and Reno Mattresses were installed for hydraulic erosion control. Geosynthetics were added to provide basal reinforcement for the application. Despite these early successes in demanding applications, the benefits of gabions and Reno mattresses are not fully appreciated yet, and the market tends to use loose rock armour, known as rip rap. There is no doubt that Egypt is in a construction boom in many areas including buildings, roads, bridges, canals, ports and more.

Our Agent in Cairo is Strata Soil Systems (SSS), a subsidiary of SAMCRETE, who is among the largest contractors in Egypt. SSS started with one person, John Erian in December 2014 and today has a staff of 14 civil engineers.

Three MacRes Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall (MSEW) has are nearing completion accounting for around 15,000 sqm fascia area. Two more MacRes vertical concrete panel faced reinforced soil projects are underway which will increase the total fascia area constructed to 18,000 sqm.

Last year saw the start of the first Terramesh project at Tel Al El Sokhna with a face area of 9,000 sqm. At 18m tall, this is believed to be amongst the highest MSEW structures in Egypt. The wall is currently 80% completed and will create a platform upon which villas will be built that will overlook the Red Sea.

A 15,000 sqm project with a maximum slope height of 18 m will soon be started at another site on the outskirts of Cairo. The project will be managed from our Maccaferri Middle East company from Dubai who provide technical support to SSS and the Egyptian market.

Additionally, SSS are pursuing projects featuring basal reinforcement, drainage works in Port Said, hydraulic erosion protection on the Suez Canal, pavement / soil stabilisation and Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ABCM) for oil pipelines.

Edoardo Zannoni, the African Chair of the International Geosynthetic Society, has started an Egyptian Chapter of the IGS and they expect to operate this year once the Egyptian Government gives its approval, with John Erian from SSS being a founder member.

The next GeoMEast 2017 Conference in Egypt will be held at Sharm El Sheik next July and will include a presentation by authors Joseph Meadows (Mining Business Development Manager and Technical Consulting, Maccaferri Africa) and John Erian (Commercial Manager, Strata Soil Systems) on: “A Suggested Model Using Quantitative and Qualitative Parameters for Cost Engineering of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls in Egypt”.

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