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Maccaferri Geogrids don’t let down block retaining walls in Gauteng

Retaining walls

Maccaferri geogrid products are securely and successfully utilized in many soil reinforcement projects all around the South African province.

Block retaining walls have been under pressure by clients, authorities and engineers due to the many failures, which have characterized this solution recently. In the Gauteng area, after heavy storm, it is now common to hear on the news that block retaining walls failed. The reasons are numerous and can often relate to the quality and attention paid to the structural backfill to these walls. It is not appropriate to assume that any geogrid will work with any soil backfill.

However, thanks to their range of Geogrids (the widest in the country), Maccaferri has successfully retained many of this walls with MacGrid WG and ParaGrid and today is one of the largest supplier of Geogrids in Gauteng for the block market.

The high quality of the Geogrids has assisted well known contractors in many walls up to 8-meter-high and more, as they do not require any particular attention to the fill, being PVC coated (thus reducing the installation damage) as well as being highly flexible, thus achieving a tight alignment of the block (if the Geogrid is too stiff or thick, the blocks struggle to align with the other ones)

Maccaferri is present in Johannesburg with a centralized warehouse in North Riding, where most of the Geogrids are ready available on the floor for collection, or the transport to site can be arranged by our internal sales. Credit facilities are available to assist in payment and design support as well as installation supervision can be offered.

As leader in the soil reinforcement applications, Maccaferri is able to offer any solution you might need, not only gabions, but also Geogrids from 20 kN/m to 1500 kN/m, with the best prices on the market supported by highly qualified staff and more than 50 years’ presence in South Africa and 140 in the world. As of today, not a single block retaining wall has failed, thanks to being partner with the best contractors in Gauteng.

With more than 100.000 m2 sold in 2015, Gauteng can feel safe with Maccaferri Geogrids supporting terraces for warehouse, houses, road embankments.

Maccaferri is your trusted partner in soil reinforcement which will not let you down.

To learn more about our retaining walls applications, please contact us.

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