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Maccaferri gabions are used to repair a stormwater channel at Killarney Golf, Johannesburg


Designs from Maccaferri helped consultants & contractors to solve onsite problems

Gabions and Reno Mattresses were used to repair a stormwater channel at a golf course in a Johannesburg resort. Thanks to Maccaferri’s technical support for these River Training works, the channel was redesigned by including gabion structures on its two banks.

Following a successful erosion control project in Maputo, Mozambique, double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh gabions and Reno Mattresses were once again the chosen solution for emergency repairs at Killarney Golfcourse, Johannesburg.

The original blockwall-lined stormwater channel on the golf course is the main stormwater collector in the area. The facility is also used by the golf course as a water supply for the course maintenance. Over time, the concrete channel had started to degrade due to high flow velocity and volume; a redesign of the channel was required.

The consultant’s channel design consisted of gabion wing walls, at the start and end of the channel, and a 180 m channel lined with Reno Mattresses. The contractor firstly installed the Reno mattresses in the channel base. Due to seasonal thunderstorms and heavy rains at the start of construction, the contractor had a problem with the cofferdam being flooded every morning.

This meant the excavator had to create a cofferdam each day for dry working conditions and critical time was being lost in making this a successful project. This problem was noted during Maccaferri’s regular site visits.

To reduce the footprint of the channel and thereby make it a smaller working area, Maccaferri proposed an alternative cross section for the channel that would provide the required flow capacity, but would not require such a large footprint.

The initial channel design only had gabion wing walls at the start and end points (upstream and downstream) of the channel; the new design included gabion longitudinal walls along the whole channel length. The gabion walls retained the riverbanks and were constructed upon the channel bed which was lined with Reno Mattresses.

This simplified construction for the contractor. Reno mattresses were also installed on the slopes above the gabion channel walls. This would provide hydraulic erosion protection at times of very high flow above the level of the gabion channel.

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