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Maccaferri’s Gabions and Mattresses used in an erosion control project based in Maputo, Mozambique

Erosion Control

Maccaferri Africa provided gabions and mattresses to build an erosion control barrier along a drainage channel.

To control the movement of water and sustain the construction of a new avenue, the Maccaferri proposed the design of a necessary drainage channel.

In recent years, Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique has seen an influx of foreign investment as well as inhabitants, with foreign companies establishing offices and personal housing in the city.

This has resulted in the expansion and creation of new urban areas, leading to the need for rehabilitation and expansion of the city infrastructure. Among the most strategic projects, is the rehabilitation and expansion of the Julius Nyerere Avenue, one of the main roads connecting the north of the city, close to the International Airport of Maputo, to the south-east side.

The project got off to a rocky start, with a 12,5-million-dollar contract, as it was to begin in 2011 and to be concluded by 2012. With a 4-year delay, the project was finally awarded to the Portuguese contractor Construções Gabriel Couto with the 6.9-million-dollar contract.
Thus, the project began in 2015 and concluded by mid-2016.

The area of rehabilitation and expansion passes through a zone of informal development, close to the Maputo golf course. During the wet season, the area is subject to severe erosion problems, destroying the existing infrastructure and creating large problematic gullies.

To control the movement of water and sustain the construction of a new avenue, the 25-year-old engineering consultant company Consultec, based in Mozambique, proposed the design of a necessary drainage channel. This was to control rain water by deviating it away from the existing infrastructure and by connecting it with the natural hydraulic channels.

Due to the advantages offered by Maccaferri’ s gabions in past projects and thanks to the technical assistance by Maccaferri Africa, gabions were deemed suitable for erosion control.

Construction of the Julius Nyrere Avenue channel began in April 2016 and was completed successfully in July 2016.

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