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eThekwini Municipality embankment safeguarded from landslides


A 25m high MSE wall was built with our Terramesh® and Green Terramesh® Systems to protect a railway line from landslides

The problem of erosion caused by destructive rainfalls on the East coast of Durban has been predominant in recent times. When a massive landslide occurred, Durban municipal engineers, with our support, provided a mechanically stabilized earth wall solution that incorporated the use of our Terramesh® and Green Terramesh® Systems.

In June 2016, due to the excessive rain fall, a major slip of an embankment occurred, causing the soil to wash away which created a large void in the embankment. The major issue was that a railway line is situated next to the embankment and further erosion would be detrimental to the functioning of the railway. The failure occurred in Bluff, Durban, which is a residential area that overlooks the port of Durban.

The coastal and storm-water department of eThekwini Municipality contacted us to assess the damage and formulate a solution together. After analysis and design calculations, the optimum solution based on cost, functionality and aesthetics, was deemed to be a combination of our Terramesh® and Green Terramesh® Systems.

The structure is 25m high: the first 4 metres comprise of the Terramesh® System with ParaGrid® 200 polymer geogrids providing primary soil reinforcement while the following 21 metres comprise of the Green Terramesh® system with MacGrid® WG8 geogrid for soil reinforcement. The lengths of the polymeric reinforcement varied to optimize the solution in terms of cost.

The contractor, Devru Construction, previously constructed a structure using the same systems and were well equipped to perform the task at hand. The construction was completed in May 2017.

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