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On-the-job training scheme at Maccaferri South Africa proves invaluable to civil engineering degree student


Civil engineering student extols the benefits of on-the-job training scheme at Maccaferri South Africa

Civil Engineering degree student, Kyle Poolman, made an informed career choice based on a CPD presentation given by an employee of Maccaferri South Africa at the Civil Engineering Society.

In December 2016 he joined Maccaferri Africa’s technical department in the Johannesburg office as part of an in-service training scheme to help civil engineering students attain their degree, expose them to the industry and in this case, to Maccaferri’s solutions. He says that the on-the-job training scheme is “invaluable” for his development in the geotechnical engineering world.

Kyle Poolman is currently completing a BIng Civil Engineering Degree at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in Gauteng, South Africa. It was a CPD presentation given by Maccaferri’s Business Unit Manager (Geosynthetics & Brand Manager: Johannesburg), Edoardo Zannoni, at the Civil Engineering Society at the UJ which, he said, had informed his career choice in the geotechnical engineering world:

“I have grown up in a city dominated by large infrastructure – buildings, bridges, roads, motorways – and been looking at reinforced soil walls and other retaining structures ever since I can remember.

As a result, I grew curious about the world of civil engineering behind what I could see.

Since starting my in-service training with Maccaferri in December 2016, I have gained an in-depth insight into the work that goes on behind the construction of some of these structures and I have had some of my long unanswered questions answered.

Maccaferri offers people like me a productive environment to learn more about the world of geotechnical engineering.

The technical team here in Kya Sands are all very patient with my many questions. Apart from the more straight forward answers to my questions like “What does this button do?”, they are more than happy to provide detailed explanations in answer to my questions surrounding technology and procedures.

As part of my work here in the technical department at Maccaferri, Johannesburg, I have been involved in creating Bills of Quantities using values input directly from AutoCAD. I have also been working alongside the senior draughtsman, Barry Byliefeldt, on the efficiency of the MacRes soil reinforcement “supply and construct” offering.

I have had the opportunity to make site visits with the sales engineers as and when they perform their routine checks on the progress of various projects in and around the province of Gauteng.

The on-the-job training I am receiving by being a part of the world-renowned company Maccaferri is invaluable as a type of skill development. I am certain that my time spent with the company will be instrumental in my continued growth as a prospective civil engineer in South Africa.”

Maccaferri is accredited by the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE) and the training is awarded on the basis of merit and carried out during University term holiday.

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