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Building a Living Environment: the Lamontville Housing Project by Maccaferri Africa

Green Terramesh soil reinforcement

The Lamontville Housing Project is aimed at eradicating the existing informal settlements within the Lamontville Area

and to develop formalized townships with fully serviced low income residential units which will result in a better andmore

sustainable living environment.The overall project has an expected yield of 1050 low income residential units to be

constructed on various identified sites within the Lamontville area. 317 units have been completed under phase 1,

and construction of phase 2 is in progress to deliver the remaining units.The scope of work includes the construction

of top structure housing units, as well as civil infrastructure which includes asphalt surfaced vehicular access roads,

concrete pedestrian access ways, retaining structures,  stormwater reticulation, full waterborne sewerage and water reticulation.

The SLB Consultants asked Maccaferri Africa to review the possibility of the use of a Mechanically Stabilised Earth(MSE) slope,

of various heights up to 11m maximum. A soft, green solution would improve the feel of the retained structures around the residential

units and allow the slopes to be steepened safely. The agreements will be that MSA would be the responsible party for the elemental

design of the wall but that theglobal stability and the effect of the wall on the underlying soils and foundations would not form

part ofMaccaferri Africa’s responsibility.

“The MSE system chosen for the construction of the wall is the Maccaferri’s Green Terramesh® system whichconsists of a double

twisted wire mesh combined with a welded mesh panel and lined with a biodegradablegeomat.  This product is combined with

secondary geosynthetic soil reinforcement between the units to work as acohesive unit.

To get all the complete documentation about the Lamontville Housing Project and discover how our Green Terramesh system has offered great benefits, you can  take a look here.

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