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Maccaferri Water day

The 23rd World Water Day sees Maccaferri as a committed, global player in water governance

The 23rd World Water Day occurs on March 22nd; an event that is gaining in importance as growing industrialization, economic progress and demographic trends require a long-term strategic approach to protect and govern the prime element of life on earth.

Water covers much of the globe, but less than 1% of the total mass is at man’s disposal for food, healthcare and industrial matters.

Water professionals must play a central role in environmental planning of our communities and the fact that the Water Day 2016 is titled “Water and Jobs” is symptomatic of a shared feeling: the “Blue Gold” professionals do not yet receive the attention they deserve.

Civil engineering is a growing interest and data from Google prove it. Starting in 2006/2007, an increasing number of people have been noted documenting the progress of the discipline. They include professionals and students from India, Africa and Asia. Hydraulic engineering, a branch of civil engineering, is of increasing interest in Asia and Africa, where economic growth rates have led to critical situations when it comes to public infrastructure, management of waterways and water supplies. Therefore, it is no coincidence that within these areas are concentrated the highest rates of interest for civil and hydraulic engineering.

Protecting water means adopting governance policies for natural resources that take into account the trans-boundary nature of rivers and ground-water courses. It means defining best practices and common technical standards. The liquid nature of water means that the consequences of bad water management at a local level affect distant territories, potentially creating tensions also at a geopolitical level.

Water management is therefore an integrated process, where different disciplines need to cross over managing such a complex scenario, making it mandatory for institutions, universities and private operators to adopt a responsible approach also towards those professionals who daily confront with technical difficulties and also social issues arising from water.

The private sector has an essential role and Maccaferri consistently demonstrates its leadership in water governance. We provide solutions aimed at managing water, not only when it is in short supply and where channelling and efficient distribution are required, but also when it represents a threat and protection is needed. Maccaferri is continuously engaged, through the activity of its worldwide subsidiaries, in educating and training engineering professionals and academics in the vital technical discipline of erosion control and hydraulic works.

We demonstrate our commitment by participating in frequent university career days, delivering seminars, updating our digital communication channels with technical high-value content, providing open-source software and exhaustive case histories. We believe this to be the best way to create synergies within the large global community of civil and hydraulic engineers, making best use of modern technologies.

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