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Maccaferri worked together with various Contractors to supply a gabion based solution for hydraulic problems

Hydraulic work

Maccaferri Mexico provided a 20 m long gabion mattress for a hydraulic work in the city of Leon, Guanajuato

Maccaferri Mexico recently proved the efficiency of Mats and Gabion combination solutions in a Hydraulic channel work in Leon, Guanajuato.

Maccaferri has long been a provider of hydraulic based solutions. With our specialist knowledge and comprehensive product range, we offer clients a graded, logical range of hydraulic erosion protection techniques from soil bio-engineering and low energy solutions through to robust high-energy capacity revetments. For demanding, high energy flows, Reno Mattresses and gabions have always been the main component of any river works structure such as weirs, groynes, sills and power dissipation basins.

The Sardaneta is a channel that was built during the fifties to prevent flooding in the city of Leon. The Government plans for Sardaneta to become a public space that promotes recreation, social cohesion, protection and conservation of the channel as well as the local economy. It also contributes to the mobility of city residents, which means that they can move through the area on foot or use bicycles.

With a length of 4.4 kilometers and an investment of more than 190 million pesos, The Lineal Park will connect the Zoo and The Metropolitan Park together. The Sardaneta channel will continue to run via the use rain water. This project will include pedestrian walkways, bike paths, green areas, pedestrian bridges, graffiti areas, playgrounds and a tourist train, among other features. A paramount part of this project will be the protection and longitudinal revetment of the channel because flooding poses a significant risk for the entire area.

To solve the hydraulic queries of the project—i.e., the problem of flooding and erosion control of the channel slopes, Maccaferri worked alongside with the consultant to supply the project with a gabions mattresses protection system designed to mitigate both flooding and erosion phenomena. Thanks to its versatility in production,

Maccaferri was able to offer 20 m long mattresses, thus helping to finish the work in time for the opening of the park. The work was divided into three sections. The first section, for which the company “Urbanizadora del Centro” was in charge of, covered the area from Ibarrilla to Bangladesh Street and incurred a cost of 49.8 pesos.

The second section, covering the area from Bangladesh Street and Boulevard Hidalgo cost 54 million pesos to construct. The third section was built by the CIFSAC Construction Company and cost a total of 64 million pesos. Maccaferri supported the three parts with its products and technical assistance in the installation phase.

The exact range of Maccaferri products used for the project was Gabions, Gabion Mats, and Geotextile MacTex. Maccaferri’s involvement in the project began in 2014 and ended in 2015. Since then the area has been a flooding free zone.

For more technical information, please download our case study from the Mexican website.

For any general information, please contact our Mexican subsidiary.

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