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Maccaferri provider of welded gabions in a DHL facility extension project


Maccaferri UK was selected as a supplier in major restoration project to extend a DHL hub at East Midlands Airport

Maccaferri’s welded gabions were used to build a retaining wall at the logistics giant facilities.

In addition to participating to a major project in Mersey, where Maccaferri UK provided ultra-high strength Paralink geogrids for a new six-lane bridge under development, the Company is now being involved in a big extension work at the DHL cargo hub in the East Midlands Airport.

Worth around 90 million pounds (nearly 102 million euros), the project will be carried out by DAB Civil Engineering within which Maccaferri UK is the supplier of welded gabion baskets.

At the airport’s DHL facility, a level difference of approximately 2 metres between existing ground and the proposed customer service entrance of the new hub led to the need for a retaining wall; the car parking area in front of the entrance could then be constructed at a suitable level. The contractor considered the initial project specification of 3-mm welded baskets to be insufficient for the job in hand but still wanted to use welded gabions for the straight-line landscape architectural qualities that they offered.

Therefore, to improve upon their chunky line appearance, 5-mm welded baskets were proposed by Maccaferri UK Area Engineer Pete Richardson, and thereby accepted. Pete Richardson finalised the specs and quantities required and negotiated with the contractor’s merchant to secure the order of our 5-mm MacWeld, consisting of rigid welded mesh gabions formed from a Galfan Galvanised coated 75x75mm mesh.

As part of the project, our geotextile membrane MacTex was also used. Following the delivery to DHL site, our Area Engineer undertook a visit to ensure that the products were installed correctly and were satisfactory to the contractor’s needs.

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