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SPOTLIGHT ON: Agua Chinon Creek, California


28-gabion drop structures are used to remediate a concrete channel, provide adequate flood and erosion control, and build a sustainable environment

Daylighting is the term used by environmental engineers to describe the process of removing obstructions to creeks and streams. Many times, as development occurs, these bodies of water are covered by impervious materials to create way for roads, parking lots, and buildings.

Down the road, as concerns over our environmental footprint increases, states look to build in a sustainable manner and undo the damage caused by past development. Agua Chinon is an example of how gabions can be used to create a sustainable drainage solution with adequate protection from flooding and erosion control issues and promote a return to the natural environment.

Due to the restrictions on the use of concrete, the grade differential and the need for maximization of the natural bottom channel, engineers designed a natural bottom open channel drainage system utilizing a series of 28 gabions drop structures.

Download the full case history and see additional photos here

Watch a video overview of the project here

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