MacTex® Non-Woven and Composites

MacTex® AR

MacTex® AR is used in paving applications and acts as a waterproofing and stress relieving membrane within the pavement structure.

MacTex® N

MacTex® N are high quality non-woven geotextiles manufactured from virgin high tenacity polypropylene fibres assembled by a needlepunched treatment only.

MacTex® Woven

MacTex® W1

MacTex® W1 geotextiles are planar woven structures manufactured weaving in the warp and the weft directions polypropylene tapes.

MacTex® EC

The MacTex® EC geotextiles are woven fabrics made from high tenacity polypropylene tapes. They are used to contain topsoil within the face of reinforced soil geogrid


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