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Maccafferri Inc. presents hurricane protection applications and products to professionals in St. Lucia.

St. Lucia - hurricane protection - USA

In the Caribbean island our Puerto Rico Area Manager Alberto Blasini held a meeting with local engineers and authorities about our products and applications.

Many people and a number of followers aren’t fully aware that Maccaferri Inc. does not just include the United States. Actually, we run an office in Puerto Rico, territory of the US, which successfully works with many administrations from the islands in the Caribbean, among which there is also St. Lucia, one of the Windward Islands of the West Indies.

In St. Lucia indeed, in order to give information about Maccaferri products to local engineers and directors, the Puerto Rico Area Manager Alberto Blasini recently held a meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services & Transport. Among the products and applications that were introduced to the local professionals and authorities, Gabion installations, Reno Mattress, Terramesh, and Green Terramesh were presented to the audience. Mr. Blasini also included information about asphalt reinforcement applications that can be deployed by using our Road Mesh and Geo Grid products.

Alberto Blasini’s 10-year experience with Maccaferri came in handy since many questions were addressed and answered during the meeting. Apparently, the sincere interest about our Reno Mattresses the participants have shown has been remarkable. We are looking forward to many other meetings like the one in St. Lucia throughout the area to inform local professionals. By providing information materials, we are sure to help rebuild and protect their infrastructures and personal properties from the many hurricanes that occur in that area of the Americas.

For further information on our Coastal Protection and Soil Reinforcement applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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