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Introducing PoliMac®, the new coating to provide enhanced performances


New improved polymer coating for steel wire mesh products

Using new technologies, our team has invented a new polymer mixture that is able to withstand 100,000 cycles of abrasion – 10 times that of traditional polymer coatings when tested in accordance with international standards.

Construction clients can now rely on a new polymer coating for steel wire mesh products that provides greater performance including a longer design life, reduced maintenance commitment, greater value and a lower environmental impact.

PoliMac® polymer coating can be applied to heavily galvanised steel wire prior to being woven into engineered double twist mesh products. Using a unique polymer recipe and extrusion technology, PoliMac® coated products offers greater abrasion, enhanced resistance to low temperatures and UV rays, and outstanding chemical resistance in comparison with traditional polymer coated wire mesh products.

It provides a much needed solution for companies working in the infrastructure, mining and environmental sectors who have been demanding this type of solution to tackle greater pollution, higher working loads and worsening environmental conditions.

PoliMac® does not contain heavy metals, phthalates or chlorides within its manufacture, making it a greener solution. It has a lower Life Cycle Assessment than other wire coatings whilst offering a longer design life. Tested in noted laboratories and universities in accordance with international standards, PoliMac® withstood 100,000 cycles of abrasion; 10 times that of traditional polymer coatings.

Wire mesh products which have only heavy galvanised coatings, even those with aluminium/zinc advanced alloys, will have a protective layer less than half the thickness of a human hair.

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