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Maccaferri Launches New Product!


Maccaferri launches MacSafe™ in the United States to protect against hostile vehicle incursion

We have launched a new product in the U.S! MacSafe™, has already being installed in Europe, is a new vehicle incursion prevention system aimed at addressing the continuing need for additional public safety demands at home and abroad.

Protection against hostile vehicle intrusion has become a top priority in the U.S. and abroad. As occurrences of vehicle incursions continue to happen around the world, proactively mitigating this risk at home and protecting the lives of our citizens has become increasingly necessary. Drawing from our many years’ experience protecting the public from natural disasters, Maccaferri has developed a new system to help protect our citizens from human-generated hazards.

MacSafe™ is a new vehicle incursion prevention system. It is crash test rated to stop a 19 ton truck travelling up to 30 miles/h. Vehicle access prevention plays a critical role in counter terror strategy and our new system, that is crash test rated and accredited by the UIAU University of Venice, has been developed in response to a need to continuously improve public safety.

The system consists of two high tensile steel cables with energy dissipaters at each end. The cables are supported by hollow steel posts which are secured to ground foundations. The force of the vehicle impact is distributed by the cables and posts and absorbed within the patented energy dissipaters. The energy is absorbed through compressive deformation and not by friction. This ensures better and more reliable performance throughout the long-life of the barrier.

Our MacSafe™ system can be rapidly installed on any type of soil and easily maintained. The system ensures the safety of people in areas that may pose a vehicle intrusion threat and is aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive.

For more information about this new product, please contact us.

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