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Maccaferri Marine Mattresses and MacTubes used in many erosion control projects in Puerto Rico

Erosion Control

Following the successful deployment of Maccaferri’s coastal protection products, Puerto Rico’s authorities will be using them in other projects.

A recent project on the North Center Coastline of San Juan Puerto Rico has been recently deployed and completed, with a supply of Maccaferri’s Marine Mattresses. The works were carried out in the main access road to Old San Juan, which is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico as well as being the historic colonial section of the city of San Juan.

Continuous heavy wave action has been eroding the bottom of the slope for the past decade, thus creating a significant landslide that bring down a traffic lane including a side walk. This 2 in 1 slope had 90′ tall bringing down many metric tons of sand and clay. The road and sidewalk are used by many tourists that visit Old San Juan as well as by most of the Government agencies and local residents of the old city.

After three years of intensive planning with the US Army Corps of Engineers, local agencies and the Department of Natural Resources, the job was eventually awarded so that the continued erosion could be stopped and prevented. To achieve such goal, Maccaferri US Costa Rica subsidiary supplied 132 Marine Mattresses (of the 10 x 5 x 1 and 8 x 5 x 1 ranges), in addition to MacTubes, 30′ circumference by 50′ and 30′ circumference by 125′.

Following the success of the installation and the finished project, the selected solution for the erosion control has been chosen to be the standard and used for all other coastal applications around the Island. The Jacksonville USACE office required that the material used to fill the MacTubes and stones for the Marine Mattresses had to be from the same environment. Beach erosion has been controlled now. The second phase of the job is the installation of steel sheet piles on the top portion of the slope for the reconstruction of the sidewalk and road lane.

For further information about this coastal protection project, please contact us.

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