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Maccaferri gabions products deployed in an erosion control project in Coppell, Texas

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Maccaferri US provides gabions and erosion control know-how for the Bethel Road Bridge protection project the Texan town.

North Texas has a high clay content in the soil which does not allow the soil to drain efficiently during high rain events. The clay absorbs the water and swells which also creates a barrier between the surface and the lower levels of the soil. The enlarging population moving into the Dallas Metroplex area increased the need for erosion control works, as all the farms and fields that were once there, which could have handled the flooding and rain absorption, have all be urbanized and covered in concrete and asphalt. This forces higher volumes of water into drainage creeks and lakes. A higher volume results in higher speeds of water moving toward the Gulf of Mexico and the force of water traveling in that direction.

As part of renovation works to protect the Bethel Road Bridge in Coppell, near Dallas, decisions were taken as to use soil retaining structures in key areas, gabions included. Maccaferri US was chosen for the supply of their products as well as for the expertise about erosion control projects. The main reason Maccaferri’s gabions were chosen as an effective solution is that they are not only strong but also free draining. It’s among the best available solutions as the strength of the rock and gabions are required during rain events and shortly after, as water levels increase and flow downstream. In addition, the free draining benefits of gabions kicks in because they allow waters to slowly drain through the rock and base of the gabions. Without proper drainage, a hard faced wall such as a concrete lining or block or panel wall would pool the water behind the wall creating an increased hydrostatic force pushing the back of the structure into the creek, until the pressure is relieved by draining or evaporation.

Due to the limited room to work in relation to the landscape, construction works began on one corner of the wall, the gabion layer was built to a height of two courses (6’ high), and approximately 24’ long with the return wall. After backfilling this section, a platform was created by which the excavator could be used and work could continue on the rest of the wall.

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