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We’re excited to introduce GalMac®


A New Twist on Double-Twist

We’re excited to introduce GalMac® coated Double-Twist wire mesh products to our solutions, putting A New Twist on Double-Twist! GalMac® is a remarkable corrosion resistant coating, proven to outperform standard galvanized by at least two times in many environments. Beginning in September, our Williamsport, Maryland manufacturing facility will produce GalMac® and GalMac®+ Polymer coated Double-Twist products for use across the US and Canada.

Launching this September, Maccaferri is putting A New Twist on Double-Twist! We’re rolling out a new remarkable corrosion resistant coating: GalMac®.

The new GalMac® Coating Provides:

  • Increased durability over galvanized wire
  • Longer-life in demanding environments
  • Lower life cycle cost
  • 100% American steel, fabricated in Maryland

This new coating is being introduced to address durability concerns in various application areas, including in harsh, dry, and aquatic environments. Costing marginally higher compared to traditional galvanization, GalMac® increases the service life by at least two times.

Created from a combination of Zinc-5% Aluminum-Mischmetal Alloy, it has been widely adopted and incorporated in many international standards, including ASTM A875/ A875M, ASTM A975, EN10223, EN10244, EN10327, EN10214, ISO 14788. In salt spray testing, this remarkable corrosion resistant coating stood up to corrosion better than standard galvanized, offering the optimal solution for challenging environments like hydraulic applications.

In addition to its benefits relating to durability and life cycle cost, the wire is 100% American steel, fabricated domestically in Maryland. This makes GalMac® coated Double-Twist Wire Mesh products a viable option for Federally funded projects across the country.

GalMac® can be coated with a polymer coating to provide increased durability. GalMac® or polymer coated GalMac® will be available on the following products: Gabions & Reno Mattresses, Green Gabions, Terramesh & Green Terramesh, Terrawall®, Rolled Mesh, and Rockfall protection solutions.

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