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Maccaferri’s bundling policy improves public works with high-quality software


Engineering solutions, today, need to be bundled with software aimed at designing, scaling and refining projects from the very first design phase.

What does it mean to be a worldwide civil engineering firm? Does the mission stop at the point of supply and implementation of materials and equipment? Maccaferri believes that the scope of a modern and innovation oriented company needs to look much farther.

Providing excellent quality product is only one part of the challenge. Leader companies in the industry are aware that engineering solutions, today, need to be bundled within a comprehensive package: software aimed at designing, scaling and refining projects from the feasibility design phase must be included in the offer of a competitive, internationalized group.

There is more than one reason validating such a choice: in the first place, contractors (particularly public, local institutions) need to use taxpayers money wisely. Bundling software with engineering products enables cutting additional expenses for software development and external consultants. Second, when software is tailored to specific solutions, more efficient designs and alternative options can be considered quickly, ensuring accuracy and reliability in design but also during execution of the works. All of this leading to efficiency and satisfaction of the related stakeholders.

This scenario was fully forseen by Maccaferri and, as the specialized magazine “Geosynthetica” today acknowledges, Maccaferri can boast a set of high quality software solutions.

Specifically, MacSTARS is our solution for Soil Reinforcement Design, aimed at analyzing soil morphology and engineering tailored solutions, while MacREAD optimizes the relationship between our reinforcement products and sub-grade thickness, in order to create optimal soil stabilisation and pavement reinforcement solutions. MacFLOW, finally, mates with our geocomposite drainage range, in order to improve soil through planar and horizontal drainage.

Our softwares are open and freely available for download via our websites, technical seminars or by contacting your local Maccaferri company directly. This is how Maccaferri intends to be an active player within the global civil engineering community, promoting knowledge sharing and spreading our expertise for a greener and sustainable world.

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