Mineral Terramesh® is a unique and simple to install soil reinforcement system with a sloping rock face finish. It is ideal for use where a modern, clean-faced aesthetic is preferred.

Mineral Terramesh® can be used either alone or in conjunction with our ParaGrid® or ParaDrain® geogrids depending on the height of the reinforced soil structure.

Mineral Terramesh® components are factory fitted preassembled units ready for rapid erection on site with a design life of 120 years. The installation is simple with no bodkin or connection requirement between geogrid and the assembled unit.

The Mineral Terramesh® units do not need any form of external framework due to the heavily galvanised welded mesh panels and bracing struts which hold the face at the correct angle during construction.

Mineral Terramesh® System units are produced in compliance with CPR – Construction Product Regulation 305/2011, having EC marking in compliance with ETA-13/0295. The management and production system is certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (related to the environmental management system). It is also BBA HAPAS Certified.


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