Biomac® blankets are used for surface erosion protection. Also known as Rolled Erosion Control Protection (RECPs) mats, they provide immediate protection to vulnerable slopes to the effects of erosion such as wind, rain and surface run-off. Placed onto topsoiled and seeded slopes, Biomac® supports the establishment of vegetation. As the mat biodegrades over time, the protection function is maintained by the vegetation.

Biomac® blankets are also used as face protection in soil reinforcement works, secured within the geogrid fascia of the slope and preventing the washout of valuable topsoil.

The Biomac® family of products are made with a mixture of fully biodegradable fibres properly integrated during manufacturing. The fibre mat is reinforced with a fine scrim netting securely stitched on both sides during manufacturing. Biomac® blankets are available as:
– Biomac® C: consisting of coir fibres secured between lightweight polymer grid scrims
– Biomac® CJ: consisting of coir fibres secured between biodegradable organic woven jute nets.


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