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Our Para-products achieve 2018 BBA Certification

bba-certficate geogrids

Paralink, Paragrid and Paraweb, used for reinforced soil slopes and walls on crucial projects in the UK, have been awarded the coveted 2018 BBA Certificate

Manufactured by Maccaferri’s sister company, Linear Composites in Keighley (Yorkshire), our Para-products consist of strips or strip bonded geogrids with a high tenacity polyester core encased in a polyethylene sheath. The polymeric sheath provides a physical and chemical barrier to external environments which pose a threat to product performance and durability. The products can be combined with concrete panels (MacRes), concrete BBA blocks (MacWall) or simply with our BBA Terramesh.

Geogrids are geosynthetic materials used to reinforce soils and similar materials. They are commonly used to reinforce retaining walls, as well as subbases and subsoils below roads or structures. Our “Para” geogrids are amongst the oldest, most tried-and-tested geogrids in the world, offering a 120-year design life and high performance, in particular against damage and creep.

Our Paraweb and Paragrid are extensively used in the UK as well as worldwide for constructing reinforced soil retaining walls and slopes.

The ParaWeb® system was used in last year’s construction of Queensferry Crossing extension to the M90 motorway in Scotland. One of Europe’s most significant bridge projects, it features a vertical concrete panel fascia, together with our MacRES® soil reinforcement system.

High-performance geogrids, like our Paragrid, have been getting mentioned in the engineering media for their innovative use in soil reinforcement. Ground Engineering magazine, for example, mentioned the use of ParaGrid® geogrids using site won fill chalk.

Our Paralinks are well known as being high-strength geogrids used in high performance basal reinforcement applications as well as in reinforced soil structures that are exposed to high loads, like the 74m high Terramesh® and ParaLink® reinforced soil wall, supporting an airport runway in North Eastern India, which is the tallest structure in the world.

Another example of Paralink in operation is the work that we did on the six-lane, 2.3 km bridge Mersey river project, one of the UK’s largest infrastructure initiatives. We provided the ultra-high strength geogrid Paralink that was chosen for basal reinforcement under embankments over a very poor standard of ground.

Here you can download the BBA certificates of Paralink, Paragrid and Paraweb.

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