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The uses for MacDrain® in UK projects

MacDrain drainage system

MacDrain® – The geocomposite for geosynthetic drainage systems

Many construction projects involve a structure holding back soil, for example retaining walls, bridge abutments or buried reservoirs. The structure will generally be waterproof, meaning hydrostatic pressure will build up behind the wall and cause bulging, cracking or worse. A robust drainage system is paramount to a successful structure, MacDrain®

Normally this pressure is managed with a gravel drainage layer. Free draining aggregates are difficult to compact, and porous concrete blocks are slow to install. Importing this expensive clean stone means quarrying and lots of lorry deliveries, creating a large environmental footprint. Waterproofing is very susceptible to damage during the backfill operation, so protection boards and other materials may be needed meaning more deliveries.

MacDrain® replaces traditional drainage in a single, easily installed layer. The efficient draining core provides huge water-moving capacity, and the robust filter geotextiles prevent drain-clogging fines entering the system while also providing puncture protection for the waterproofing on the structure. The performance is factory consistent across the product, and the compressive strength is sufficient even for deeper applications.

Did you know?
1 lorry load of our MacDrain® geotextile delivers up to 11,600sqm. The equivalent in stone would require over 150 lorry loads. That provides a significant carbon footprint reduction and much less traffic on local roads.

Roll sizes are designed for easy handling. An entire structure can be drained and protected with one delivery to site, plus installation is fast and simple. Using  MacDrain® allows site won fill to be used, so material import and export is dramatically reduced. MacDrain® costs less than the gravel it replaces, and comes with full design support from Maccaferri.

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