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Maccaferri’s civil engineering products awarded BBA Certification


Our Green Terramesh system is successfully certified

We have been awarded technical approval for construction by the BBA for our successful Green Terramesh® System. The key factors assessed were the mechanical properties, the resistance to weathering and the systems durability. In all areas the Green Terramesh System was certified fit for purpose; provided the installation was correct, it is used correctly and is maintained as set out by the certificate.

In order to gain acceptance within the marketplace when introducing new, innovative or upgraded products, manufacturers often apply for an Agrément certificate, the BBA Certification. To be awarded this highly recognised certificate, the product or system has to pass a multitude of tests which include laboratory testing, quality management checks, on site evaluations and inspections of production.

Maccaferri’s Green Terramesh® System is used for Reinforced Soil structures such as embankments and steep slopes, with a slope face angle of up to 70°. The system is environmentally friendly and is used to encourage vegetation on Mechanically Stabilised Earth – reinforced soil slopes. The Green Terramesh® System has been used successfully all over the world on some of the most significant infrastructure schemes, including what is believed to be one of the tallest reinforced soil structures ever.

On taller structures, Green Terramesh® can be used in conjunction with high performance geogrids such as ParaLink® and Paragrid®. These unique geogrids provide the primary soil reinforcement elements, and are supplemented by the Green Terramesh® units acting as the secondary soil reinforcement and providing the pre-formed fascia element.

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