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Maccaferri uses MacWall® Vertica for the M32 bus lane extension in Bristol


MacWall® Vertica reinforced segmental walls are deployed to construct the bus slip road retaining wall

Maccaferri is taking part in the project for a new bus lane on the M32 in Bristol. Bristol City Council awarded the project to Graham Construction and as part of the contract, Maccaferri is constructing the retaining walls for the bus slip road using its MacWall® Vertica system. The works started in September 2016 and will be completed by Spring 2017.

The M32 in Bristol is a busy road causing congestion, slow bus travel times and high levels of pollution.

A smarter way of travelling was needed to speed up bus journey times, relieve the congestion and reduce pollution. As one of the many planned bus priority improvements in Bristol, it was agreed that a bridge dedicated only to buses, would be constructed extending the existing M32 bus lane. With this bridge in place bus journey times would be reduced by 30 minutes, a substantial amount for commuters. The design and build contract to construct the 35m span bridge has a value of £10m. The new lane will link to a new junction on the M32 which provides access to the motorway.

The extension of the bus-lane and change in levels required a retaining wall to be constructed. Maccaferri’s MacWall system was selected as the retaining solution.

MacWall® Vertica is a cost-effective engineered system featuring segmental concrete fascia blocks in conjunction with soil reinforcement geogrids. Its near-vertical face angle can reduce the pace needed for the wall; in this case the wall face was set at 4 degrees from vertical.

Macwall is widely used within infrastructure projects worldwide. The walls combine aesthetics of masonry walls with the reassurance of engineered reinforced soil support.
The segmental block retaining wall has increased in popularity over a recent years. The construction process is simple and it is cost-effective which makes limited budgets go further. It is extremely versatile.and as it does not use any mortar between the blocks, it is rapid to construct in most climates.

There are two main components to our Maccaferri MacWall® System:

  • A split face modular concrete block available in a selection of colours in keeping with the surrounding environment
  • Paragrid® soil reinforcement geogrids sandwiched between block courses and extend into the compacted backfill to the wall

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