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Maccaferri Protects Water Supplies in Gloucestershire


Reinforcement work is underway at Severn Trent Waterway Works

Maccaferri has been appointed for a flood prevention project at Tewkesbury at the Mythe. The retaining structure will be made using Maccaferri’s gabions and Reno Mattresses.

The water treatment works based in Tewkesbury at the Mythe has been under threat due to the risk from flooding. The existing wall around the site which was installed in 2011, is being reinforced for further protection and £500,000 is being invested in this flood prevention project. The nearby rivers, the River Severn and River Avon flooded the water works in summer 2007, which interrupted the water supply and led to the disruption of water supply to over 150,000 homes. The existing flood defence bund was damaged due to a flood in 2013 which meant an alternative solution was needed.

Maccaferri was appointed to reinforce the surrounding wall and the job is due to be completed early in 2017. Maccaferri site manager Dave Robbins has been on site and is coordinating these works. The project also includes the construction of two new kiosks built for filtering water from external sources, ensuring the quality of water is high for all residents.

The new gabion structure is being constructed of 1m high woven mesh gabion baskets on the inside and 0.5m baskets on the outside face to counteract the wave action created from the potential flood waters. The baskets will be filled with approximately 2320m³ (3,480 tonnes) of 6G stone. A Reno Mattress will complete the structure.

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