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New educational facility in Northern Ireland


Maccaferri’s technical team designed and supplied six retaining walls for new campus

The new Foyle College, Ebrington Primary School and Nursery, formerly the Clooney Army Base located in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Now completed, this £27 million project constructed by Heron Brothers includes school buildings, teacher accommodation and sports facilities including pitches.

Maccaferri designed six retaining walls that were required across the site to retain the various sports pitches and facilities as well as supplying material needed for construction. The total works was in the region of 2500sqm.

MacWall vertica 4 degree ‘anticlimb’ segmental block retaining wall system was used to construct all walls located across the 38 acre site. The walls reached a maximum height of 5m spanning lengths of up to 195m long.

Maccaferri were able to showcase the versatility of this system and its ability to facilitate the location of drainage systems and networks in and around the walls by using a combination of the Paragrid geogrid reinforcement and lean-mix concrete back fill.

The ‘Anticlimb’ nature of these blocks also allowed for the creation of a near-vertical finish with an inability to be scaled.

Environmental benefits with this design included the reuse of material from site as structural backfill, eradicating the need to purchase and transport additional material to site or remove waste materials from the site.

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