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Key Maccaferri products with additional new advanced technology, receive updated BBA Certification

bba certification

Our Terramesh System, Green Terramesh System and our Gabions are fit to address the environmental conditions of tomorrow

The BBA grant certifications for specialised products in the construction sector through rigorous assessments which are tailored to suit the ever-advancing demands of the industry. Maccaferri is delighted to have updated our new BBA Certification which now includes approval of our Terramesh® System, our Green Terramesh® System and our renowned gabions.

The new BBA Certificates now include our new wire coating technology, PoliMac®. Developed over the past years, PoliMac® offers far greater resistance to abrasion, weathering, environmental exposure and UV degradation than previous polymer coatings in the market. The coating addresses the worsening environmental exposure conditions anticipated by noted bodies including the World Meteorological Organization.

The technical performance of Maccaferri’s systems has been positively assessed by the BBA so that when correctly designed, the structure will have the strength and durability required to deliver long design life. These credentials are vital to respond to the demands of major infrastructure clients for increased durability.

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