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Maccaferri geogrids used in a basal reinforcement project at a housing development site in Dawlish, Devon


A ParaLink geogrids were thus deployed to reinforce a culverted road over an existing brook.

In Dawlish, Devon, Maccaferri UK contributed to a basal reinforcement project at a residential area under construction owned by Redrow Homes.

In addition to gabions being used in two projects, one at the DHL hub in the East Midlands Airport, the other at the new Ibstock Brickworks factory in Leicester, Maccaferri UK will be among the main suppliers in a new residential housing development in Dawlish, Devon.

As part of a project run by residential and commercial builder Redrow Homes, the construction works will consist of a mixture of private and affordable housing, private gardens, public open spaces, including all associated infrastructures, that are being carried out by contractor Wardell Armstrong.

On the grounds of the project master design, a new culverted road over the existing brook was required to connect the two sections of the site. The proposed road crossing spans an existing brook with soft soil deposits on both banks, which also presented variable conditions including peat.

After excluding two different approaches to overcame such constraints, engineers from Wardell Armstrong opted to minimise excavation and replacement works (including crushing/recycling) by using a suitable basal reinforcement geogrid, such as Maccaferri’s Paralink, over a piled foundation to limit settlement to an acceptably low value.

It was then proposed to create a load transfer platform consisting of two orthogonal layers of high strength geosynthetic reinforcement placed directly over the pile caps. The design required one layer of Maccaferri’s ParaLink 450 in the longitudinal direction (i.e. perpendicular to the line of the concrete culvert) and a layer of 500kN strength in the transverse direction (i.e. parallel to the line of the concrete culvert).

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