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Geosynthetic asphalt reinforcement venture for British market


Geosynthetic asphalt reinforcement venture for British market

Maccaferri and Triplex ProGrid announce new venture

Maccaferri has teamed up with Triplex ProGrid to supply and install its MacTex C7 fibreglass geocomposite for asphalt reinforcement to the British market.

Triplex have recently set up a new geosynthetic asphalt reinforcement business called ProGrid.

Triplex ProGrid is a sub-division of Triplex Ltd and was created in 2020 with a vision of delivering a high quality service and product offering to clients. The result of including MacTex C7 within roads is a longer lasting more durable pavement system with the long term goal of saving all parties money. MacTex® C7 has been developed for asphalt pavement reinforcement in highways, airports and industrial pavements. It provides reinforcement, stress relief and provides a moisture barrier between the overlay and existing pavement layers.

Dave Blacknell of Triplex explained “When it comes to service and safety we endeavour to be a cut about the rest. Triplex ProGrid projects come with the latest safety features including exclusion zone lighting. Our equipment has been meticulously engineered to be at the forefront of innovation and service delivery.”

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