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Our Gabions are awarded a 2017 BBA Certification


Our gabions have been successfully awarded BBA Certification for their resistance to weathering and durability

Maccaferri have been successfully awarded a 2017 BBA HAPAS certificate 16/H247 product sheet 1 – Maccaferri Gabions, downloadable here.

Only products and systems that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments, including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production are awarded an Agrement HAPAS Certificate.

The gabion structural performance was tested along with its resistance to weathering and the products durability

We are the global leader in the manufacture, design and supply of gabion baskets. Our gabions are engineered from double twist hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Delivered flat-packed, our gabions are assembled and then filled with stones at the project site. The BBA Certificate recommends a design life of up to 120 years, depending on the exposure conditions of the project.

Our gabions are used for a wide range of solutions globally to construct flexible, accessible and vast structures such as retaining walls, river works including channel linings, erosion protection and hydraulic control structures along roads and railways. Our gabions are also increasingly being used in more architectural and landscaping applications for their aesthetic qualities.

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